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UNIGE, University of Genova

The Department of Economics and Business studies of the University of Genoa has been settled in 1885 like a High School of Commercial Studies, with the aim to educate people able to successful operate in the commercial and economic sector. Nowadays, the Department of Economics belongs to the School of Social Studies, has more than 60 professors and researchers studying all the main topics in economics and business, and about 4.000 students. Its location is in the ancient port, to demonstrate the strict link between the Department and the economic life of the city.

Role in the project
UNIGE participates in the project as an EDUCATION AND TRAINING PROVIDER.

The Department of Economics and Business Studies has a relevant experience in the domain of education in tourism. In particular, since the academic year 2014-15 the Department offers and Undergraduate degree in Tourism Science: Business, Culture and Territory (3 years, 200 students on the whole),

The University of Genoa is involved in the definition of the IN-TOUR Occupational Profiles (WP2) and in the definition of the EU Curriculum and the Guidelines for designers and teachers of the IN-TOUR Curricula (WP3). UNIGE coordinates the Italian pilot course (T5.4) playing a central role in the design of the national curriculum and in the design of the pilot course itself.

University collaborates also to the evaluation process, collecting data and feedbacks during the pilot implementation, and to Quality Assurance applying EQAVET principles.

Moreover, UNIGE provides contributions and feedbacks in Dissemination/Sustainability activities (WP7).

Contact (Coordinator)

Via Operai 40, 16149 Genova (Italy)
Tel: + 39 010 / 2713852
Fax: + 39 010 / 2713205

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