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SI4LIFE, Science and enterprise together to improve quality of life

SI4LIFE -"Science and enterprise together to improve quality of life" is a Regional Consortium with the primary aim to carry out basic research, translational and applied, for supporting the quality of life of elderly and people with sensory, neuro-motor, cognitive and / or mental disabilities. SI4life is a Consortium of local SME, research centers and end-users’ representatives. SI4life is joined, for example, by David Chiossone foundation for blind people and CEPIM foundation that represent persons with genetic cognitive impairment (mainly Down syndrome) and their relatives.

The main interest operational areas of SI4life scrl include:

  • construction of synergies between different actors involved in research, innovation, training, production and use of tools, technologies, aids for the elderly and / or disabled;
  • creation of the best conditions to favour the qualification of human resources through continuous training and development of expertise in science and technology, such as strategic factors of success and competitive advantage;
  • activation and strengthening of structures, equipment for new and existing research;
  • support to the deployment and the development of innovative projects shared between the research system and enterprises.

As Regional Consortium, it ensures to its partners constant coordination to improve and spread their services all over the territory.

Role in the project
SI4life participates in the project as an ENTERPRISE with a sector specific expertise in the needs analysis related to the QoL of older adults and disable people, as well as in the field of VET.

Thanks to SI4LIFE’s experience from the previous SSA project, the organisation has a leading role in the WP 3 for the definition of the ITM Curricula as well as the ITFS Curricula. In details, SI4LIFE coordinates WP3, aimed at the definition of the EU Curricula (t3.1 and t3.2) and the definition of Guidelines providing instructions for the proper use of the Curriculum (t4.1).

SI4LIFE also participates actively in the definition of the skill needs and of the Professional Profiles.

Contact (Coordinator)

Via Operai 40, 16149 Genova (Italy)
Tel: + 39 010 / 2713852
Fax: + 39 010 / 2713205

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