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Criteria 05, S.L.

Criteria 05, S.L. is a company founded in 2005, created to help other companies and institutions in gathering strategic information to their business through primary and secondary sources. Criteria-05 S.L. is, also, an expert in training for managers and commercial teams for several business sectors.

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Criteria-05 S.L. has business collaboration agreements with 2 companies, which provide resources and important tools for the company activity. In particular, Logit Market Research brings the market research expertise with innovative tools like “Speakingboss”. In addition, the agreement with Nieves Marín Viajes Adaptados, brings the accessible tourism approach, that allows us to apply our knowledge to the accessible tourism market.

The main activities of the company are:
In market research the company has worked in 3 main field of action:

  • With Public Administration Institutions: market research in training needs identification, studies on immigration and studies about business sectors.
  • In third-sector field: working with non-profit organizations, in particular with freelancers and entrepreneurs, analysing the training needs for increase their competitiveness.
  • With Private Companies: detecting outsourcing needs in various sectors and locations.

The research in accessible tourism market has been made in deep through with Nieves Marín Viajes Adaptados. In collaboration, it was developed an evaluation methodology for tourist establishments.

In the training area, Criteria-05 S.L. has worked since its creation in content development for several courses, in particular marketing and trade courses and marketing for wine tourism.
Criteria-05 S.L. has provided training, during the last 10 years, to business associations (more than 500 courses) in fields such as: marketing, social media management, design, business management and languages, all of them taught by the best professionals.

Currently new training courses have been made, oriented to professionals of tourism sector in order to provide specialize training in accessibility, in order to qualify these professionals with specific skills to attend these new customers.

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Contact (Coordinator)

Via Operai 40, 16149 Genova (Italy)
Tel: + 39 010 / 2713852
Fax: + 39 010 / 2713205

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