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Main results

The In-Tour project had the following results:

Professional profiles

The definition of two professional profiles for Inclusive Tourism Manager and Inclusive Tourism Frontline Staff. These profiles are specific for the tourism sector and since ESCO doesn’t provide specific list for those professions, the definition is necessary to promote the cross-national certification of the curricula, for this reason the definition has been done in terms of Knowledge Skills and Competences, in order to facilitate the integration in the classification.

European Curricula

The definition of two European Curricula for Inclusive Tourism Manager and Inclusive Tourism Frontline Staff to be promoted as reference framework for the professional profile in accessible tourism at European level for VET. The flexibility and modularity of the Curriculum assured the possibility of being instantiated in the different EU countries.


Guidelines supporting teachers to design effective learning activities starting from the localised curricula. The guidelines contain indications and methodological recommendations for teachers on how to use and customise tools proposed by the project, as well as how to identify the most adequate teaching and learning methods for the delivery of the activities.

Pilot courses

Five courses were carried out in Germany, Greece and Italy. According to specific local needs they could be Continuing Education Courses or Masters and implemented in one or more editions.

Free Open Contents

All of the materials used within and produced during the e-learning path are available in the form of Open contents in the Open Repository of the Learning Management System used in the project.

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