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Target audiences

The In-Tour project aim is to overcome the specific skills needs in term of accessibility competences in the tourism sector. The specific target groups that will befefit from the training modules produced are:

Entrepreneurs/businesses in the tourism sector

The entrepreneurs and businesses in the tourism sector represent the supply side of the inclusive tourism sector and are therefore the target audience of the training, as well as the employees of the new defined professional profiles. The project aims also in stimulate businesses in pursuing innovative ways to provide more focused training before and after recruitment, including new forms of apprenticeships or business preparation.

VET providers

VET providers will benefit from different In-Tour outcomes, in particular from the European Curricula and from the supporting tools, for developing new approaches to training and learning, reflecting market needs andadesigning customized courses on the framework of inclusive tourism using the supporting tools. In the project VET providers are represented by HOU, FHD, UNIGE and AFBB.

Policy and decision makers

EU Member States have a strategic planning document for tourism that can be improved, promoting sectoral qualification and certification. Destinations and pertinent policy makers will benefit from having on their own territory organizations and people skilled and trained on the inclusive tourism concept, which will also be a vehicle for economic improvement as well as new job opportunities.

End-users with disabilities, their families and friends

End users with disabilites are of course the final beneficiaries of the project results, as inclusive tourism means they can travel, visit museums or amusement parks on equal terms with anyone else.

Job Seekers

Job seekers will benefit from In-Tour project since new work opportunities will be available in the upcoming years in the field of accessibility in tourism. They could get trained by the modules implemented during the In-Tour project and some of them even during the project itself, as effect of the pilots.

Europe as a Tourism Destination

Europe as a leading tourism destination will benefit from having more Universities, Businesses, entrepreneurs and in general professionals involved in a sector whit an important growing potential.

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