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The overall aim of the project is to equip managers and personnel in tourism sector with the appropriate knowledge, skills and personal and transversal competences to provide adequate services for all the customers especially those with special access requirements.

The project has two main objectives. In order to reach the first one and provide specific sectoral qualifications for Accessible Tourism, the project will foster the definition of proper national and local qualifications and rules. Furthermore, In-Tour will promote the collaboration among policy makers/ regulatory bodies and VET providers.

Promoting the development of Inclusive Tourism Manager and Inclusive Tourism Frontline Stuff curricula is the second objective which is tackled by the project. Defining two specific professional profiles and the corresponding skills needs, drawing on the ESCO classification is the first measure to achieve this objective. Moreover, the project will define two European Curriculum based on European tools relating to skills and qualifications. It will also provide VET suppliers with guidelines supporting the instantiation of local curricula based on EU professional profiles.

Beside the two main objectives, the In-Tour project aims also at creating a model and methodology that could be repeated and spread among other European Universities and VET providers. This will significantly increase the number of professionals, both managers and frontline staff, trained and capable to welcome guests with access needs in any kind of tourism destination. By achieving this particular objective, the project will determine a better society where social inclusion of people with access needs (people with disabilities, elderly, parents with a stroller, etc.) is guaranteed by accessible services, provided by skilled people able to understand and welcome their needs.

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