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About In-Tour

Inclusive Tourism professions, European curricula for accessible tourism manager and frontline staff, In-Tour, is an Erasmus+ project in which partners from six European countries joined together in an effort to ensure accessible tourism.

Inclusive or accessible tourism or tourism for all, is a social right which concerns all citizens [European Commission Enterprise and Industry, 2008] and it is a world-wide market sector that suffers from a significant gap between the demand and the provided services.

Studies conducted by the European Commission have highlighted that request for accessible services may be as high as 37% of the total travel market. If we compare this figure with the estimated 9.2% of services for tourists with particular access needs, it is evident that there is a significant gap in the supply of accessible services (27.8 percentage points). Furthermore, it is likely that this gap will increase over the upcoming years and that at least an additional 1.2 million tourism enterprises will need to provide accessible services to meet future demand.

Education for professionals

Taking into consideration the social importance as well as the possibilities in terms of competitiveness and business related to accessible tourism, In-Tour Project covered a gap in the European training system, to offer quality education and training on tourism for all.

Starting from the results of previous European projects and reports, the project will produced innovative, learning outcome-oriented VET curricula. The Curricula have been defined in a flexible and modular way, in order to provide a general reference European model which can be implemented in each EU Member State. The curricula have been tested through the local pilots and also integrated periods of work-based learning.


In-Tour involves partners that represent the various stakeholders influencing the Inclusive Tourism sector, such as international associations (ENAT, EASPD, IAAPA), VET providers (HOU, FHD, UNIGE, AFBB), sector-specific experts (AISM, SI4Life, Funka, FRI) and representatives of the market sector (CAMVA, EPI, CRI05).

Quick Facts:

Project title: In-Tour - Inclusive Tourism professions. European curricula for accessible tourism manager and frontline staff
Founding: Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Sector Skills Alliances
Consortium: AISM (Italy) - project manager, Si4Life (Italy), UNIGE (Italy), FRI (Italy), HOU (Greece), EPI (Greece), AFBB (Germany), FHD (Germany), Funka (Sweden), CAMVA (Spain), CRI05 Criteria 05 S.L. (Spain), EASPD (Belgium), IAAPA (Belgium), ENAT (Belgium)
Funding: € 999 961
Period: January 2020 – September 2023 (45 months)

Contact (Coordinator)

Via Operai 40, 16149 Genova (Italy)
Tel: + 39 010 / 2713852
Fax: + 39 010 / 2713205

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